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toilet issues

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groovylucy Sat 01-Nov-14 21:12:54

My DS is 3 yrs and 10 months. Tried potty training at start of summer holidays by letting him roam free waist down and leaving potty around, didn't work, refused to use it apart from twice then never again and kept asking for nappy on, DS also has speech and development delay and seems younger for his age, health vistor, preschool all awawre and he is getting/ going to get additional support. His speech and understanding has improved so thought I try again, and pre school said it be better for him next term with him attending more if he was to be out of nappies.
Started potty training again start of the Oct half term, now changed method time putting him on loo periodically according to liquid intack, he is understanding weeing in the loo, but I have to put him on the loo, he refuses to tell me when he needs toilet and same with poohs, will sneek off and pooh pants. Dunno if hes holding poohs as doesnt want to use toilet. Is he ever go a tell me he needs the loo? Has other parents used the method of putting child on loo periodically? Really don't want to use nappies, (still using for night time) wanna move forward.

addictedtosugar Sun 02-Nov-14 16:24:31

I HATE potty training with a passion, and suspect I'm pretty bad at it, as I've had 2 boys who have gone through loads of the school spares in the early years.
But yes, we went for sitting on the toilet before we started anything. So going to paint? Sit on the toilet. Going to do some cooking? sit on the toilet. Getting in the car. Toilet. Going out of the house? Toilet.
Combined with careful watching of when they go to hide for a poo, or make a pooing face for immediate toilet and chocolate button, we have (pretty much, fingers crossed) got there.

Good Luck! Nappies at night are not an issue for several years yet. Forget about that!

groovylucy Sun 02-Nov-14 17:05:53

Thanks for that addictedtosugar, thats been helpful x

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