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First day of potty training very successful but now going backwards? ?

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ultraviolet11 Sat 01-Nov-14 13:11:07

I started potty training ds 2.3 on Thursday. He did really well on first day most wees and 2 poos in the potty. So naturally I was over the moon as I had been dreading PT. But the success was short lived. Day 2 which was yesterday only 1 wee in the potty and rest on floor. He did sit himself down for a poo which was good.
Today we have had no wees in the potty and had to force him to sit for the poo and a bit went on the floor.
Is it normal to go backwards?
Also I was giving him lots to drink for extra practice on first day which I think helped. But really struggling to get him to drink anything today and he's only needed to wee once all morning which went on the floor. Any advice really appreciated.

MewlingQuim Sat 01-Nov-14 13:18:37

My experience of potty training DD is that there are good days and bad days. She took 3 months from first attempt to reliably clean and dry. We had a holiday in the middle of that which put things back to square one for a few days.

It's a good start, don't pressure yourself or your DC by expecting perfection from day one smile

MewlingQuim Sat 01-Nov-14 13:23:06

DD was also 2.3 when I started training her.

We used stickers to encourage her to sit on the potty/toilet, which worked well for wees. With poos we resorted to bribery with chocolate buttons blush

ultraviolet11 Sat 01-Nov-14 14:07:21

I suppose I got my hopes up after day 1. Have been using chocolate for bribes so will keep going. Going to in laws tomorrow so will see what happens. I'm a bit concerned he's not drinking enough as he's not even drinking milk today.

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