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Only poohs in pants but don't think it's control

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StrangeGlue Thu 30-Oct-14 13:14:36

Dd is 3 and has been wee dry for ages and is pretty much dry at night (though still in nappies) to the extent that she'll call to be taken to the potty in the night rather than wee in her nappy.

But every pooh is in her pants. Sometimes we catch her just as it's coming out and get her on the potty and she's really pleased but it had no effect on what happens next time. She never poohs in her nappy and I don't think she's holding it in as she does go.

She will (70% of the time) say when she's had an accident.

Any advice? Is it just time? Is she just too busy playing? Most of the advice seems to be for kids who are with holding but I don't think she is.

As a side note she gives no poohing cues and never has even as a baby. But! She always poohs when not being watched.

I'm flummoxed!

MamOfTwo Wed 12-Nov-14 15:43:04

Any improvement StrangeGlue? No advice, I'm afraid, as we are in the same situation although I can't say we are completely wee dry yet. Bumping in case anyone can help as I am FED UP of pooey knickers!

StrangeGlue Wed 12-Nov-14 21:26:36

The only 'improvement' is she's reliably telling me she's poohed...

So many poo-y pants!

RoseOolong Tue 18-Nov-14 00:43:22

Was going to ask something similar... Got rid of daytime nappies with DD (34 months) a month ago and haven't had a single poo that has started on the potty! I think that privacy is an important thing, and they have got really used to sidling off to poo quietly in the nappy somewhere.
Dealing with the pants is a bit tiresome, but trying to be pretty casual about it as don't want it to become an issue in her mind. She does tell us when she has done one.
As far as wee's go - about a 50% hit rate. I went cold turkey with daytime nappies eventually as DD showed no signs of wanting to use the potty or copy me on the loo etc... I thought that because nappies are so good, maybe they just weren't bothering her and that in pants the feeling wouldn't be great so there would be a motivation.
I have found it slow going, but DH keeps very positive and feels as if she is doing well so I am taking my cues from him!
When DD was 24 months she had started making good progress but we started sending her to nursery for a few mornings and she hated it (so we took her out), but after that she flatly, bordering on passionately, refused to try sitting on the loo or potty. So the fact that she is getting on there quite a bit seems like progress...
Any tips gratefully received!

Badgerwife Sat 03-Jan-15 16:17:27

Reviving this thread as I'm curious to know how things have evolved since October.

DD here is 3.5, has been peeing on the toilet/potty for the last 6 months with just a few accidents here and there but all the poos are in her pants. I suspect she might have ongoing constipation, and she has said that she's a bit scared of doing poos on the toilet. We've been making a big deal of her successes and promised Kinder eggs if she does a poo on the toilet plus no soiled her pants at all but it's not working.
From the look of things on the boards, it's quite a normal problem so I'm going to try to relax and back off even though we have so many dirty pants (nevermind those just thrown away).

MewlingQuim Sat 03-Jan-15 16:26:13

DD was fairly reliable for wees but pooed in her pants for ages. We eventually cracked it by rewarding poos in the potty with stickers on a chart and a chocolate button. To start with most of the poos in the potty got there only because we tipped it in from her pants after she had pooed in them! She got the idea though smile

Good luck.

madmother1 Sat 03-Jan-15 16:53:46

I remember being so frustrated by this at the time, along with loads of other problems, but I promise you and your child will get over this. Mum to a DS 18 and a DD 14 - and believe me the problems do not stop as they get older, they are just different. I sometimes wish I was just dealing with their "young" problems. I wish you luck x

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