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Best way to start potty training

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cerie Thu 09-Oct-14 08:43:16

Good Morning,

I want to start to potty training my son, he is 2 and will be 3 in January and everytime we try to start he has none of it. When I ask him to wear pants he says no nappy, the toilet seat I got him, he would rather wear on his head?? I really don't know what to do??

Batmam Thu 09-Oct-14 09:03:37

Start when you have 2-3 days at home with no plans, and roll up rugs if you have hard flooring. Go cold turkey, nothing on his bottom half and tell him he's a big boy who doesn't need nappies any more. Ask him often whether he needs a wee, and take him to the toilet if he'll go - not too often though or he'll get fed up. When he inevitably has a wee on the floor pick him up and run him to the potty/toilet to finish it off saying well done! Repeat until he starts to be aware of himself and warn you that one is coming. Give him loads of fluids to train the bladder (I gave weak squash as she wouldn't drink enough if it was just water) In my experience the first day was a disaster and I was mopping up puddles all day, by day 2 she's was beginning to get it and by day 3 she was dry. Each child is different though and it all depends on whether they're ready. Good luck!

atticusfinchatemybaby Mon 20-Oct-14 13:46:08

In exact same situation as you, and also looking for advice someone to do it for me. He totally gets the concept and has control, but just doesn't want to play ball. We had a few earlier attempts which were abandoned as I was afraid I was traumatising him but think eventually you have to bite the bullet. I'm planning to wait until Christmas when we'll all be home for a few days and can go cold turkey (no pun intended). Not sure if presence of grandparents will act as an extra motivator or just a distraction. WE do need to go out though on a few days and I'm wondering how long we need at home to blitz it before we dare to venture out for the first time (carrying an entire 50l backpack of spare trousers). I'm also offering bribes just for sitting on the potty, rather than for producing the goods - otherwise he just has nooooo interest. The other thing that has helped a bit is him seeing his little friends starting to use the toilet. He wants to go and watch which I'm taking as a good sign possible indicator of future sexual perversion. Good luck!

amandabarnes01 Mon 10-Nov-14 17:51:36

At what age did you guys start? Mine is just 9 months but I already bought her a potty chair. She hasn't used it yet though. We tried but she couldn't seem to go once on the chair..

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