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Time to give up?

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Tinkerisdead Thu 17-Apr-14 13:47:07

I need an objective view on this. Help.

<disclaimer my DD1 potty trained at 2.1yrs within three days and has skewed my perspective with dd2>

So, dd2. Shes 2yrs 2m and extremely verbal. She had been going on the potty we had lying around from about 21m at her own leisure and started telling me theres a wee wee coming or ive done a poo. So a month ago we ditched the nappies and went for it.

If i take her out in knickers to toddler group or the like she'll stay dry telling me she needs a wee. At home if i ask her to go she willand maybe 50% of the time will go to the potty of her own accord. The rest she'll merrily wee or poo herself and not tell me she needs to go.

We've had lots of praise at going to the potty with stickers, choc buttons or raisins. She's had two poos in a month on the pot and the rest she does in her pants and shouts for me to take it off her crying.

Is this all normal? I feel like i'm having to remind her all the time and think well its clearly not working. But then she'll readily go on her own too and stays dry on the school run or round the shops/toddler group.

What do I do? Carry on or start again later?

I should add in a pullup she'll wee in it but tell me im doing a weewee!

PirateJones Thu 17-Apr-14 14:49:53

Don't give up, it's obviously working in bits and peices.

Maybe change things so you reward her for being dry every half hour, getting her to feel her to check her own undies, if she’s dry give her a treat. If she’s wet tell her it should go in the potty. Until she’s using her own imitative and asking herself.

Tinkerisdead Thu 17-Apr-14 14:56:38


I never even thought of that. I was fixated on trying what i did with dd1. We're renting a holiday home in the summer and i really dont want her weeing on their carpets.

Right thats such a good idea thankyou!

PirateJones Thu 17-Apr-14 14:58:46

you're welcome, i hope it works for you.

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