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DS (3.2) refusing to potty train

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LilRedWG Mon 14-Apr-14 16:58:20

He is fully aware of when he needs to wee and poo but says he wants to use nappies.

Yesterday he did four wees in his potty - much praise etc., but today he has managed one. The other times he has just gone where he fancies - on the post, up the tv unit sad - and when I've asked if he knew he needed a wee he has said he did but didn't want to use the potter or toilet.

How do I fix this?

LilRedWG Mon 14-Apr-14 20:38:57


viagrafalls Mon 14-Apr-14 20:52:52

Hi there, I'm currently just coming out of a similar situation with my DD age 2.5. She refused point blank to even entertain the idea for months, despite encouragement, bribes all her friends learning...
anyway, i worked out she was very anxious about it all, especially the sitting on the potty part (we come from an anxious family grin
So, after two days of no tv or treats and telling her she could have both if she sat on the loo while i counted to 3, she managed it, no wees, no pressure and she's gradually getting it. Still withholding poos and very anxious about using the potty, would rather use the loo etc we are doing it. It has only been a week and I'm exhausted!
The bottom line (see what I did there wink is that you can't force them - try to see what the problem is and just remember, they all get there in the end.
Hope you get a better answer!

LilRedWG Tue 15-Apr-14 08:52:25

Thanks Viagra - DS got very upset late afternoon yesterday so I put a nappy back on him. We have just booked a very last minute night away for tonight so he's been told he's got a few days reprieve and then we'll start again.

Good luck with your little one. thanks

TheNameChange Tue 15-Apr-14 09:33:52

Can't believe I've had to NC for a potty training thread but the details will utterly out me!

DS (2.5) likewise definitely knows when he wants to wee and poo but just refused to sit on potty. Until I thought about what he wanted more than anything in the world: Bob the Builder toys. I bought a big bag of them on ebay and he was only allowed to play with them while on the potty. Problem instantly went from getting him to sit on potty to managing to get him off! Best tenner ever spent. Is there anything you could likewise bribe with?

NellysKnickers Tue 06-May-14 10:47:09

I have nothing useful to add I'm afraid. DS2 is 3.4, he will either be bare bottomed or wear nappies, he will not wear pants. I spent a fortune on buying him the same trunkboxers as his brother but still no joy. He will use the toilet when he wants to or just wee on the floor hmm He is fully aware of when he needs a wee so its incredibly frustrating BUT I am trying to be chilled about it. Its just well meaning friends and family that fuck me off with their 'helpful' comments, ds1 was dry day and night by 2.5 so I know its not my crap parenting skills! ds will do it when he's ready, he's a stubborn little thing anyway so pushing will just have a reverse effect, maybe your ds is the same?

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