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How many accidents are normal at first?

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polythenespam Wed 09-Apr-14 08:22:56

I have just started with 3yo DD. Waited until now because I'm lazy to make sure she was ready. Really thought she would be - preschool think she is & she has been very enthusiastic about wanting to sit on the potty and also the toilet (we got one of those things that goes under the seat)

Okay, so 2 days in. Straight into knickers, taking her to the toilet every 20-30 mins. Very little produced once there (one wee so far) Keep asking her inbetween if she needs a wee, tells me no. But we have been having accident after accident after accident. Yesterday was 6 changes of knickers in the morning. Both afternoons she has asked for a nappy back on and I've relented (not the right thing to do I'm sure.)

Is this normal to begin with, or at 3 should she have a bit more awareness?

SpiderStacy Wed 09-Apr-14 08:29:32

Both of my children simply peed where they stood for a fortnight (so comparable with your dc) and then things clicked. I made sure I had my clean up kit at the ready at all times.

elizabethsmum Wed 09-Apr-14 08:43:21

I trained Dd1 early at 2.4 and she had loads of accidents in the first few days and then got it by day 5. We had loads of regression however so I couldn't face it decided to wait when training dc's 2& 3 (b/gtwins). Ds2 virtually trained himself by sitting on loo one night and being fascinated by the sight of his own we confused at the age of 2.8yrs and we have not really looked back! His twin sister was a different kettle of fish and she is very bright so I thought she would get it straight away but I was totally wrong!
We had about four abortive attempts with her before she was 3. Just before she was 3 I knew she must be ready as she was often dry at night and seemed to hold a wee for ages. CM agreed so we went for it again! First week or two were a disaster- only occasional success- despite rewards etc. She would be next to potty, we kept
putting her on it but she would refuse to go and then immediately wee on floor afterwards.
In the end CM cracked her- dd3 was asking to 'put on trousers' to wee in- as if she needed something underneath her next to her skin to wee on iyswim.
Once she had then had a couple of wees in potty through luck and persistence (CM more patient than me!!) She trained wirhin a day or two (still some accidents obviously but fairly reliable to take out).
Ime of training at different ages I think when they sre older they 'get' the principal and the reward side of things but just seem more sensitised to having something 'on' to wee in.
Although I can't take any credit for cracking dd3- maybe put a nappy in the potty to start with to de-sensitise your dd??

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