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Go back to nappies or persevere?

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Vakant Thu 03-Apr-14 15:38:00

My nearly three year old decided early last week that she didn't want to wear nappies anymore, the first few days were great and we didn't have any accidents apart from the odd one when she was engrossed in something and forgot herself. However the past few days it's all gone to pot. She is no longer asking to go to the toilet, if I ask her if she needs to go she says no, if I say well let's just try anyway she says no, then she ends up wetting or pooing herself minutes later.

I'm totally happy to be led by her on this, and have asked her if she wants to go back to nappies and she said no. So is this just a phase? Struggling to not lose my temper over it, today she has pooed her pants twice, both literally minutes after I've asked her if she needs the toilet.

scarletforya Thu 03-Apr-14 15:41:35

Don't take no for an answer. Just put her on the toilet even if she says no. She'll get used to the idea. I wouldn't put her back in nappies.

juneau Sat 05-Apr-14 16:28:35

DS2 is the same age as your DD and we've been potty training for 10 days now. It's up and down, is all I can say. He's had one completely dry day with no accidents, however he's only pooed in the potty once and that was when I took his pants off after tea (one of his two usual poo times) and he then performed, but every other time (including today and twice yesterday), he's pooed in his pants.

To date, he has not asked to go to the potty or independently taken himself. I put him on it every hour, in spite of any protestations. He always wees - sometimes its not much, other times its an impressive potful. I'm persevering. I'm also accepting that this is clearly going to take a while. His nursery key worker says he's doing great and is clearly ready, so I'm taking encouragement from that, but there are days when I just feel exasperated. I hope that if we just keep going there will come a point where he just 'gets it'. If we go out I put him in a pull up and take the potty so I can still stick him on it every hour. He doesn't do toilets yet, of any size, unless he's at nursery!

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