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Nappies at nap time?

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Bezzabelle Tue 01-Apr-14 22:26:56

Going to start potty training ds in Easter hols next week- he is 2.8. I know I should still put a nappy on him at night initially but what about his nap? Currently still having 2 hour nap after lunch which he still needs and I don't want to stop it yet as 31 weeks pregnant and it's quite nice to have the break! Any thoughts?

Cataline Tue 01-Apr-14 22:29:40

Could you pop a changing pad under him? I used these for car journeys too as I was very reluctant to confuse DS by putting a nappy back on during the day.

My DS is almost 3 and potty trained a couple of months ago. I initially put a nappy on for his nap but took him for a wee straight before and straight after, removing the nappy then. His nappy was always dry so I quite quickly moved to just putting him over the waterproof mattress protector (still doing the pre-nap wee). No accidents.

Just stick with a nappy until you think he can last the 2 hours - if the nappy's dry he can do it!

2beornot Tue 01-Apr-14 22:31:43

We put a pull up on dd initially, now she is down to just a nappy at night (fingers crossed not for much longer!)

I was concerned about confusing him but just explained he wore a nappy for sleeping in case he did a wee in his sleep and that he couldn't wear it when he was awake. He seemed fine and we still have to put him in pull-ups at night just in case, which he understands too.

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