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5 year old and daytime wetting

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Pinklaydee79 Sun 30-Mar-14 22:56:19

My son is 5 and started school in September.

During his last year at nursery I was working very closely with his key worker and health visitor to combat his day time wetting as he still hadn't completely cracked it! sad grin
I had a baby in April last year and although this didn't make things worse I don't think it has helped??? confused

Now at school we don't get (or very rarely) a dry day let alone a whole week! grin We were advised (by HV) to try and get him to drink more which we try to do. She also advised sticker charts and rewards etc. DS gets bored with reward charts especially if he isn't getting any stickers. sad

Since starting school the HV has passed his file to the school nurse team and in my opinion they have been useless, telling us exactly the same information as the HV had been for a year previously (I'd told them DS history at first phone call). School nurse said she would visit DS in school that was 8 weeks ago and still no visit and no communication.

The "magic" age I keep hearing is 7. "We don't worry until the child is 7" Well in my mind more needs to be done at a younger age and I am at my wits end sad

Sorry for long post xx

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