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my DD is trying not to pee or poo at all!

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BaronyArch Fri 28-Mar-14 00:52:56

Started potty training my DD at the weekend. She's 2.5 and I think she was ready around summertime when just under 2! but I was too busy. DS is older than her and we did him just after his 3rd birthday and it was straightforward thank goodness. But with DD on day 1 she was sitting on potty and doing a couple of drips, but really worried to pee. On day 2 completely refusing to sit on potty. We got through 21 pairs of pants in a day and a half, and then I gave up. I can't describe how distraught she was to do the couple of pees she managed, crying and hating sitting on the potty - she just wouldn't let them out for hours and walked around in circles upset and whimpering, needing to go and not letting it out on floor or anywhere! same with poo. Now she's back in nappies because I just couldn't face pushing through this, but she's still afraid to pee and poo and still holds it in for hours, it's dominating her life because she can't relax and enjoy things. Her character was so mellow and easygoing and now she's at a loss because she's never been an anxious girl before and she just doesn't know how to let go of it! It's her brother's birthday this weekend and there will be loads of little girls here aged 4, I hope she gets a chance to see how they do it, because taking her to the loo with me doesn't seem to crack it for her. I am so upset to see her like this as well and need advice! Please!

CheesyBadger Fri 28-Mar-14 00:59:19

I had a very similar experience and in the end just left her to it. At 3.2 she decided no more nappies and is now dry at night too after 2 weeks. Try and relax, there is nothing wrong with it taking a little longer. Dd used to scream at the mention of potty until a month ago!

CheesyBadger Fri 28-Mar-14 01:00:07

I think taking the pressure off and not talking about potties may help her relax again

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