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I have no idea if I'm doing this right!

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Badgerous Thu 27-Mar-14 17:27:38

DD is going to be 2 in May. She's a very fiesty, independent toddler! Largely non verbal. Last week she refused to have a nappy on in the house in the afternoons and at the end of last week started using the potty.
So this week I haven't put a nappy on her (except at night and when we've gone out). When she needs to go, she goes on the potty or leads me to the bathroom and goes on the toilet. I've got some reusable training pants that she chose. When I go out for the day with her shall I put her in those, take extra and spare clothes or put her back in a nappy? She's very happy going on the potty/toilet and applauds herself. It's difficult as most of the things I've read are when you have a verbal communicator.

PirateJones Thu 27-Mar-14 17:35:28

If she's using the potty or the toilet then yes, you are doing it right.

Are you likely to know or be able to get her to the toilet in time when you are out, as she can't tell you? You might have to use a nappy until she is more verbal and can tell you when you are out.

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