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5 yr old DS wet every night

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goandshowdaddy Wed 26-Mar-14 18:39:43


DS has never had a dry night and been in night time nappies (pyjama pants) up until now. We have had a couple of tries, a few months back, at going without nappies but with no success (don't think he was ready).

I noticed that his nappies have been a lot dryer in the mornings recently so we decided to give it a go again. So far, he's been doing it for 6 nights and not had one dry night. Every night it seems to only be one wee but I'm not sure whether to persist or put him back in nappies and try again in a few months.

He is happy to keep trying but I'm not sure. He is getting tired (through waking up in the night to change sheets etc) and I'm struggling to keep up with the washing!!!

Any advice?


Pinklaydee79 Sun 30-Mar-14 22:42:02

I have a 5yo son and he is the same. Never has a dry pullup in the morning, in fact it is always sodden.
We have tried no pullup at his request (I agreed thinking maybe he was weeing out of laziness) but he still wet lots sad
I think he sleeps to heavily to wake when he needs the toilet. The bit thing with us at the moment is the day time wetting so probably linked sad

Martorana Sun 30-Mar-14 22:43:32

He'll do it when he's ready. Pull ups til then. Don't worry about it.

Noggie Sun 30-Mar-14 22:45:01

Both my dd not dry at night at 5- think it's really common so don't worry! X

Littlefish Sun 30-Mar-14 22:46:15

I agree with Martorana. Put him back in pull ups and save yourself all some stress. As far as I know, dryness at night is triggered by a particular hormone being present. If it's not present, then there is nothing you can do to help your ds stay dry at night. If he's still wet at night at 7, the GP can refer you to the enuresis clinic.

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