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Urgent potty training advice please!

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umiaisha Sun 23-Mar-14 11:46:02

DS turned 3 earlier this month. Had a false start with potty training just after christmas and started again yesterday with the cold turkey approach ie staying in and getting rid of the nappies all together.

The problem is, that whilst he is happy to sit on the potty for extended periods of time, he never actually does anything on it! Yesterday we had 3 wet accidents and am on my nerves today waiting for the first one.

Any help gratefully received!

PirateJones Sun 23-Mar-14 12:26:16

give him lots of drinks so he has a lot of opportunities to use the potty, Get him to check his pants every 15 minutes and reward him for being dry. Every time he wets don't get stressed but remind him it should go into the potty.

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