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Help! How do you wash a mattress??

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fedthefuckupnowwhat Fri 21-Mar-14 16:24:56

Eeeek! My three year old has peed all over her toddler bed, and its gone right through and soaked the mattress. How do I clean it? It smells.

PirateJones Fri 21-Mar-14 16:48:52

They are an absolute bugger to clean.
Fist spray disinfectant all over the wet spot, use baby shampoo and warm water to lightly clean it and pat dry with a towel. sprinkle cat litter ( or bicarbonate of soda) on the stain to draw out the moister and stop the smell, wipe it off and take a hair dryer to it.

Afterwards put bin bags under the sheet until you can get a mattress protector in case it happens again.

fedthefuckupnowwhat Fri 21-Mar-14 16:52:07

Wow. Major thank you!! I sense you've been in my shoes?

PirateJones Fri 21-Mar-14 16:54:40

you're welcome.
And yes I've been there smile.

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