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Shall I give up with night times?

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tantrumtime Fri 14-Mar-14 06:26:25

DD potty trained herself at 2, just sat on the potty one day and never wore another nappy in the day, all on her terms. We tried wearing no nappies at night and she was dry for 8 nights but then wet for the following 5 so we got some pull ups and she's been fine.
Last month she refused to wear night time pull ups and at 2.8 now I thought maybe she was ready. She was dry for a week then has wet every night for 5 nights. She's really bothered about being wet, even though I tell her it doesn't matter and give cuddles and reassurance. She's a very clever and sensitive little person, I don't want to do it if she's not ready, she is really resisting having a pull up on though, I tried last night and she had a huge tantrum and hit her baby brother which she has never done sad
Shall I give up and try when she's about 3? It will be summer then so sheets can dry on line smile

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