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Potty training going well but back to work next week?!

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Bangonthedoor Thu 13-Mar-14 19:57:37

So took this week off work to make a start on potty training my 22 month old DD. Yes it's a younger age than average but she was showing all the signs of being ready!

So today is day 4 and she's doing so well, with one accident and 6 wees on both the potty and the toilet. We also managed to go to Tescos and back with no accidents. The sticker chart is also going really well!

That said, I'm back to work next week and I'm worried all our hard work is going to be undone? She is looked after by the MIL so DD is happy to be with her Grandma, who is also set up with a potty etc. But I'm worried she'll miss things that I wouldn't necessarily miss therefore causing DD to have an accident and be embarrassed which could have been avoided?!

Am I just being a naive potty training first timer?!

Just a note to say that I'm taking propanelol for anxiety around my daughter! grin

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