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Tells me she needs a poo just to get my attention

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VicksFizz Wed 12-Mar-14 19:42:44

Hi all. First time asking anything on mumsnet so forgive me if I say something stupid! DD is 2.5 and knows that she should wee and poo in the loo - going great guns with the wee, but not so good with the poos. The one major problem is that she keeps saying 'I need a poo on the loo' and runs to the loo and when we get there she says 'I don't need a poo'. Thing is, she only ever says this when I'm making dinner or doing chores, etc and is to get my attention only. We can sometimes try 10 or 12 times in 20 minutes as I don't feel that I can ignore her saying she needs to go, just in case she does. It's so difficult though and getting really frustrating, not to mention back breaking lifting her on and off the loo all the time (can't use a potty as she just picks it up and throws it around). Any ideas on how I can get her out of this habit as it's driving me crazy as I think she knows what she has to do, she just can't control it yet - it's not that, it's the trying to get my attention when I need to do basic stuff like sort the tea. Anyone know how to deal with this?! Thanks!

bunnyfrance Thu 13-Mar-14 15:30:36

Hi there,
My DD is 2.6 and we've just been through the exact same thing. In the end, I would just say to her "that's fine, you know where the loo is, I know you can do it yourself" and feign disinterest so that she could see that she wouldn't get my attention that way!
The novelty rapidly wore off, and now she does poos no problem (in the potty, not the loo, by the way)
I would say the whole annoying phase lasted about a month!
Good luck with it all!

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