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Potty training

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CurlyBoo271 Tue 11-Mar-14 19:20:48

My 2 year old girl has got wees sussed in her potty - knows when she needs to do one, goes to her potty of her own accord, knickers down & sits on it etc etc but poos are a no go. When she needs to do one she gets really distressed and keeps asking for a nappy on - I've tried gently persuading her to do it in the potty but it just seems to get her more distressed. Sticker chart really worked with wees so I'm doing that for poos too but I'm reluctant to put a nappy on just for her to poo as I don't want her to think that will happen every time. Has anyone else had this with their girls and if so, any tips to finally get that poo in the potty? Thanks all.

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