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Last resort - 4 year old still in nappies help?

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jjpemma Fri 07-Mar-14 16:33:48

hi everyone,
my son i started potty training before he was 2, was great to start off with never had a wee accident, and even had first few poos on the potty! But since about, august 2011 my son has never been for a poo on the toilet. I chose to keep him in underpants which ment changing him everyday up to 20 times a day! he would hold it in and get so impacted and could buy up to 5 packs of underpants a week as he constantly was smearing his underpants.

Last month he got taken into hospital for a clear out and now is back in nappies as the medication he is on is just making his poo so runny there is no controlling it. the doctor also said we both need a break as this had me so down and i also have 2 young babies. (19months and 8 months)

has anyone else had the same experience and anything i can do i have treid which seems everything including dressing up as iron man while he was on the toilet but the toilet to him seems to not exsist. he will even poo himself and not tell me and i think i have become amune to the smell.

any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou Emma

PoirotsMoustache Fri 07-Mar-14 19:10:32

Has he been checked out for encopresis?

I'm sorry I haven't anything else to offer!

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