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3 accidents in one day after months of none!?!

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niggle123 Tue 04-Mar-14 19:44:24

Help my daughter's 3.6 after months of no accidents apart from 1 2 weeks ago, suddenly 3 in one day. 1 accident at preschool and 2 at home.

I'm already stressing as a few months ago she decided she'd just stop going to the toilet and just wee wherever she was, whatever she was doing. Serious talks and I'm afraid to say small punishments only worked. She didn't care about rewards and she's incredibly stubborn. Oh and then there's when she reverted due to fear of the dark. Took days and days of questioning to extract from her she was scared of monsters under the bed. We spent weeks with her only sleeping for 2-4 hours a night and running round and round at night she reverted both night and day.

Please somebody tell I don't have to stress it yet, but only if you mean it, lol!

cookielove Tue 04-Mar-14 19:57:23

I would firstly check she hasn't got a urine infection as that can lead to accidents.

Each time she wets herself give her everything she needs to clean herself up.

Or go back to what worked last time.

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