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bladder 'leaking' all day

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lovelymama Thu 20-Feb-14 23:11:36

DD is 3.5 years. I have been potty training her since last July but we are still having problems. Half the time she will tell me she needs a wee or run off to the toilet saying 'need a wee wee' and then get on the toilet herself. She is fine with poos and after initial accidents, she hasn't had one for a few months.

The main issue is that her bladder seems to 'leak' all day. She constantly has wet knickers (not a full wee but is pretty wet - wet enough for me to change her up to 5 times a day). She often denies she needs a wee until the very last minute and by that point she has leaked lots. She is always in a rush to get off the toilet so I have to make her stay on to empty her bladder but she gets upset.

She has poor speech but can make herself understood but I was wondering if there is something in her brain that hasn't connected and is holding her back from developing certain functions? Kind of clutching at straws but I am so sick of the constant changing. She can't even stay at a party/pre-school without being changed. She starts school in September as the youngest in the class which concerns me even more.....

VenusWineTrap Fri 21-Feb-14 21:00:13

I could have written this too, my dd does exactly the same, going through periods of being reasonably good to periods of being absolutely awful with no apparent's so frustrating! At the moment we are doing well with a combination of marbles in a glass (decorated with Peppa pig stickers) in the bathroom, & choc buttons. A button for ANY successful wee (eg when I've reminded or taken her before a trip out perhaps) then a button plus a marble if she goes to the loo unprompted, in time. A set number of marbles means a reward that she has chosen (currently swimming!)
Try & get her involved in her own rewards & just a monotone 'oh well, better luck next time' for an accident.
I wish I had a magic answer as I still don't feel outof the woods yet, dd is 3.4 & has another year before school at least.
Just one more thing to consider if it's a fairly recent thing though is could she have an infection?

Littlefish Fri 21-Feb-14 21:02:03

Go and see your GP and ask for her to be checked for a bladder infection.

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