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Not sure what to do 4 weeks in and having problems.

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DeathMetalMum Wed 19-Feb-14 08:02:44

Things were going well we had lots of progression. Dd was taking herself off to the potty by herself and pretty much independent, apart from us prompting before we were going out somewhere, we were only having accidents when dd was busy playing when we were not at home.

Then I am not sure what happened dd started to become resistant to any suggestion that she sat on the potty so we stopped asking (we wern't asking lots but if she hadn't been for a few hours we would and she would usually go) and dd just held wee's in until ahe flooded herself 8 hours without a wee the other day. I have asked if it hurts but she says no. I am not sure what to do really

Makeminealarge Wed 19-Feb-14 08:19:03

I went through similar potty training my then 2.5 year old last year. All went well and then all of a sudden holding in her wees all day and even wetting herself at nursery. you've done fab to come so far in 4 weeks! keep toilet trips part of her daily routine even if it's just sitting on loo for a few mins after waking up, after lunch and before bed etc. It will click for her eventually, turns out my daughter goes to the loo only a small number of times during the day and can hold it in for hours. she still needs reminding to go for a loo break. There will be accidents, tears and tantrums. but potty training isn't the easiest to master smile x

DeathMetalMum Wed 19-Feb-14 08:32:17

Thank you I am trying to keep trips regular but she just refuses. I am wary of pushing too far and it having the opposite effect, I mean forcing her to sit on the potty os just goig to make it worse - she is so stubborn.

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