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Good or bad?

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thebestlaidplans Tue 18-Feb-14 22:50:02

We took our DD1 to buy her big girl pants last Saturday, started toilet training on Sunday. She's 3 next week and I also have an 11 wk old DS.
On Sunday and Monday she had a fair few accidents, said she didn't like having wet pants. She managed a couple of wees on the loo and was really pleased with herself. About 5 or 6 little wees a day.
Today, day 3, she's done just one wee at lunchtime, in the toilet. No accidents and no other wees at all. I sat her on the loo umpteen times and she tried, but no wees. I also asked her lots as she's easily distracted and forgets what she's doing.
I was worried that this was bad, surely she needs to wee more than once a day?! (She had a nappy on until about 8am and was back in one for bedtime at 7pm). My friend pointed out that this is good as it means she's held on to her wees and bladder control is the whole point.
I just feel so out of my depth and am not one for books etc so tend to go with my gut instinct on parenting (ie blagging it).
She's doing well, right?
She's also a fan of an evening poo so not sure when I'll have to tackle that side of things.
Any encouragement or pointers would be well received! I want to train her happily and without stress, make it a fun experience for us all.

livingthegoodlife Wed 19-Feb-14 14:17:27

i think if she is willing to sit on the loo and 'try' then there is no need to be worried. maybe she just doesnt need to go? if she is holding it and resistent to the loo then maybe she is wanting a nappy or something?

i would just give it more time. sounds like she is doing really well.

Hoviscat Wed 19-Feb-14 16:04:53

Sounds like she is doing well to me.

I have just toilet trained DS who is 3 and a bit. Took him a week of numerous accidents and a lot of holding it in but on day 7 it suddenly clicked and we have had no accidents at all since, day or night.

So I would say persevere and she will get there soon enough smile smile

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