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DD won't wear pants.

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SpookedMackerel Tue 18-Feb-14 10:29:00

Dd is 2.8. I wasn't planning on toilet training yet, as she has always been very resistant to the idea when I have broached the subject.

However for the past few weeks she has woken in the morning with a dry nappy, so I started suggesting she should sit on the potty when she wakes up. We've been doing this successfully for about week, and she has started asking to sit on the potty at other times. Her nappy is usually dry when she asks and she usually manages a wee on the potty, though no poo yet.

I have tried to persuade her to start wearing pants, and even took her to a shop to choose some at the weekend. She is adamant she wants a nappy, and was sobbing and wailing in terror in the shop so we left without buying any.

My feeling is I should just leave it, let her keep asking to go when she wants, eventually she'll want pants. Or should I wait until the current pack of nappies runs out and then tell her we don't have any more?

Don't want to put pressure on, but silly to keep forking out for unecessary nappies (she demands a fresh nappy each time, even though it is perfectly dry).

Has anyone else had the same thing?

Ferguson Tue 18-Feb-14 19:30:51

Afraid not; our DS had toweling nappies, so minimum running costs, but that was thirty years ago!

If nappies are dry, can't you 'reuse' them without her knowing? (Fold up and put back in packet; or would you feel that is too deceitful?)

I forget what it's called, but there is some group where mums don't use nappies at all, but hover in the background with a potty at the ready. Might it be worth risking it, with neither nappy nor pants, and see how that goes, seeing as she is 'nearly there'. Obviously have to be prepared for 'accidents' though, so stay vigilant!

SpookedMackerel Sat 22-Feb-14 17:22:24

Thanks, have managed to persuade her to wear pyjama trousers in the daytime with no nappy underneath, and she is doing very well, only a few accidents. Don't know why she is scared of pants, am baffled, but we are just going with it for now.

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