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Does anyone have any advice?

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Lilicat1013 Mon 17-Feb-14 12:59:10

I thought I would try on here to see if anyone had any advice. My son is four in March, he is autistic and has no functioning language. He has a very limited desire to communicate so wont use Makaton and will only use PECS for food/toy requests.

We are attempting to potty train his this week following an instruction booklet on how to train autistic children.

He is very willing to sit on the toilet and he is willing to wear underwear. He occasionally leads a parent to the toilet so they can help him sit on it.
He has enough control to prevent himself going to the toilet for long periods of time. As he becomes more desperate for the toilet he will get upset and stressed so it is easy to tell when he needs to go. We put him on the toilet but he can't seem to go.

At the moment all we are doing is waiting till he eventually starts to wet and carrying him to the toilet while he is wetting. We treat any wee he gets in the toilet as a success and he gets a prize. He likes the prize but doesn't connect it with the toilet training at all.

Does anyone have any tips or is it as hopeless as it seems? We have also every professional involved in his care and there is no suggestions, advice or help forthcoming.

We are currently on day three of this hell.

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