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how to go about potty training

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chloejaynemummy Tue 11-Feb-14 19:16:24

So how do I start this my lg is 25 months understands what the potty is for as she has used it before when she had a uti I needed a sample and that was easier then the silly bag thing! She knows that if she uses the potty she is a big girl amd can have some big girl pants! So shes happy enough to not wear her nappy and asks for her big girl pants but crys when asked of she would like to use her potty and asks for nappy back on! Im starting to worry that she remembers using her potty when she had a uti so remembers that it hurt? Im stuck with how to do this! She hides away when doing a poo tells me and her daddy when she has done one and asks to be changed! Its all good signs right?

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