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Best night-time nappies for 6yo ds?

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CocktailQueen Tue 11-Feb-14 08:14:12

DS is not reliably dry at night and often wees through his Dry-Nite pull up and wets the bed. Is there any better nappy out there for him?

bookcave Tue 11-Feb-14 08:24:17

pampers underjams work great for my 6 yo. He weed through Drynites all the time but has never soaked through Underjams. Usually much cheaper in boxes of 40 from Amazon than in the shops.

Newdaynewpants Tue 11-Feb-14 08:29:37

I just use normal pull-up nappies, Huggies I think without looking, for my 7yo DD. She's never leaked through although I do restrict liquids after 7 pm and she goes to bed at 8 pm so there is less to come out IYKWIM?

Rhinosaurus Tue 11-Feb-14 08:55:40

I think by 6/7, you should be thinking about getting them dry at night. By continuing to use nappies/pull ups you are just encouraging them to see in their sleep. Have you thought about GP or school nurse to help address this? Or visiting the ERIC website?

Rhinosaurus Tue 11-Feb-14 08:55:54

*wee in their sleep

CocktailQueen Tue 11-Feb-14 09:08:56

Rhino - I thought that children's bodies release a hormone that tells them when to be dry at night? We have tried - several times - going without nappies. DS is dry for the first 2-3 nights then wets the bed. If he goes to bed very tired he will definitely wet the bed - he sleeps so deeply he doesn't wake up. I didn't think it was something we could do anything about - and I wasn't thinking about doing it at this age.

Rhinosaurus Tue 11-Feb-14 09:19:52

Hi cocktail queen, there can be a delay of the desmopressin hormone, or it can be poor fluid intake resulting in poor bladder tone, or an inability to wake. the GP. If it is the lack of hormone the child will wet large amounts early in the evening. I am a school nurse and see children from 5 onwards. In my experience it is usually poor fluid intake or the wrong sorts of drinks. To ascertain which you need to see somebody to assess your DC. If your child has SN they may still be able to achieve continence, but it may take longer.

Very useful info here
A lot of parents I sent this to don't even have to see me as they work it out for themselves.

Good luck!

Rhinosaurus Tue 11-Feb-14 09:22:08

Aaargh don't know why it threw the GP
In there, but the GP can prescribe vasopressin, the hormone replacement but you should try non medication solutions first if poss

CocktailQueen Tue 11-Feb-14 09:36:20

Thanks, Rhino. I have just downloaded the ERIC leaflet - thanks smile

DS has no SN. He drinks water/milk/weak squash. What do you mean, the wrong sorts of drinks? He usually wets in the early morning - between 5 and 5.30am. Sometimes he wakes and will go to the loo, other times he will wet.

What do you think?

bookcave Tue 11-Feb-14 09:40:44

Standard rule afaik is that GPs won't even consider looking into bedwetting until 7 years old. Mine certainly won't.

CocktailQueen Tue 11-Feb-14 09:52:55

Ah well, ds will be 7 in April... my nephew who is 7 is the same. Is it genetic? (Neither my sis or I were late to be dry at night)

Whereisegg Tue 11-Feb-14 10:40:35

Great link Rhino, thanks.
Ds is 7.2 and still wet 6/7, pants are saturated by morning.

bookcave Tue 11-Feb-14 11:20:58

My GP says it's often genetic and it's also much more common in boys. I have a DD who was dry at night from 2 and able to wake herself and go to the toilet in the middle of the night on the rare occasion she needed to.

DS is completely different. Can wet the bed twice in a night still at 6 years and will stay fast asleep in a cold, wet bed til I wake him at 7.30. Nothing wakes him. So I suspect his sound sleeping is part of the problem.

I've read all the ERIC stuff and much of it we already did anyway re types and quantities of drinks. Hopefully DS will get there in time. My GP won't look at it til 7 years and I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea of the synthetic hormones anyway so I hope it doesn't come to that and that something else will work for him.

Good luck with your DS, April isn't that far away!

CocktailQueen Tue 11-Feb-14 11:51:00

Thanks, Bookcave (great name)

Wolfiefan Tue 11-Feb-14 11:54:04

I used to wake DS and take him for a last wee before I went to bed.
You can also get alarms that wake them as soon as they start to wee.

drspouse Tue 11-Feb-14 12:02:41

Have you looked into larger reusable nappies? The reusable equivalent to pull-ups tend to be absolutely enormous for the age that would be using them in the daytime (2-3 years) so they may fit a 6yo. I have some smaller size Little Lambs and the size 3 is supposed to be enormous, as are the Minky Yo-Yos.

We find that a fitted washable nappy (these are cloth and have no integral waterproof cover, but have elastic at the legs) plus a booster (an absorbent pad) and a waterproof wrap (a cover) is pretty much bomb proof for our night time heavy wetter - most of the disposables don't cut it for us either, though with a wrap they are usually OK.

The other option of course is to put a washable wrap on top of a disposable, these also seem to come in some quite big sizes. You aren't going to get nighttime poo incidents at this age, so you can use one for a couple of days and wash it with your regular wash.

Whereisegg Wed 12-Feb-14 07:41:42

Bookcave, my ds is just like yours.

More than one wetting per night, can often sleep in a wet bed til morning, his pants are heavy like a brick when he gets up.

Seems to be getting worse tbh sad

bookcave Wed 12-Feb-14 13:08:00

Whereisegg - if it's getting worse but he's not 7 yet you could probably get your GP to do a standard urine test - the dipstick ones that check sugar, ketones, blood etc just to rule out urine infection etc. It is frustrating, isn't it? We have a year to wait until he's 7 but I think the deep sleep would make bedwetting alarms etc pointless - he can sleep through a younger sibling screaming the house down with an ear infection so I suspect he'd be the last member of the household to wake if he got a bedwetting alarm! I'm hoping it will "click" for him soon as school/Beavers etc start overnight trips in the next academic year.

Whereisegg Wed 12-Feb-14 14:22:13

He's 7.2.

Very rarely mentions it himself, I think the next time he does I'll ask if he wants to see if the Dr could help him.
I don't want to be the one to bring it up iyswim?

OnceaGoth Wed 12-Feb-14 23:37:56

I use asda little angles size 6 for my 6 year old. They fit very well and never leak but he is small for his age. It is a nappy however so has a lot of bulk, but still it works and its cheaper than drynites. My 9 year old wears Drynites, they work well but cost so much. If he doesn't mind I would try him in normal nappies if they still fit.

Ifyoubuildit Fri 14-Feb-14 10:49:50

Hope you don't mind me jumping on. When do you know that your DC is ready for night training? My DS is 4.5, he still wears a nappy at night but wakes with it totally saturated and sometimes leaking in the morning. I keep being to by friends that he's ready for night training when his nappy is dry but that's not going to happen any time soon. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Btw, we have tried night training but it was a disaster and made him really over-tired so that he started wetting in the day!

Whereisegg Fri 14-Feb-14 16:13:06

If, if he's wet every day then he's not ready.

I would say 4-5 nights in a row then go for it!
Any sooner and everyone just ends up exhausted and with a huge washing pile.
Hth smile

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