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Cleaning child's legs etc after accident and cleaning stripped floorboards?

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TKKW Sat 08-Feb-14 15:10:25

Hi, started potty training 2 yr 9 month on friday.

When we were out, prob not best idea but have used nappies for a hour or two.

We are out for lunch tomorrow and for 4 hours at hospital doing Diabetes test with midwives on monday.

Dont want to put DD back in nappies but not sure how to clean up when she wee over her legs(pretty sure this will happen).

At home, I give her legs and bottom half a blast under shower for a minute as I think wipes just aren't enough.

What do you all do to clean an accident when out? Do you just wipe legs and put clean clothes on? What about if it goes in shoes?

How do you clean accidents from car seat, carpet and floorboards?


At the end of my tether and worried house will smell of wee!

bakingtins Sat 08-Feb-14 15:21:39

Wipes and clean clothes. How about using training pants or the pads you can put inside normal pads ("dry like me") to contain it a bit.
If you are having that many accidents is she actually ready?

TKKW Sat 08-Feb-14 15:29:51

I think so, in two days, we've had two accidents.

Today, she told me when she needed to go and I put her on the potty. Then 15 mins later an accident (ie accident no2).

She has bladder control as in last day and a half she has held in wees for a few hours.

livingthegoodlife Sat 08-Feb-14 21:11:51

i don't bother with a shower, its only a bit of wee and he will get bathed at the end of the day anyway. i usually just clean my son with a wet wipe.

i would stick with pants for the long docs appointment, i strongly believe that cold turkey is the only way to go - no confusion then.

not sure what to do about wee in shoes as my lo is a boy so we dont have that problem.

i sit my son on a towel in his car seat just in case

i use training pants which are like knickers with terry toweling in, they absorb most if not all of an accident. he had a wet accident today and he trousers were still dry.

cleaning carpet - i use Vanish carpet cleaner

floorboards - wet floor cloth and bit of dettol

hope that helps and good luck!

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