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DD3 still not dry or clean reliably after 2 years of being out of nappies...

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duchesse Wed 05-Feb-14 11:16:05

Our older children were late being reliable. They were all still regularly wetting their pants at 6 and 7.

DH and I were not brilliant either, so it's not entirely unexpected as I believe there's an inherited aspect to this.

But DD3 just about takes the biscuit. She is now 4 y 5 m old, in reception (late August birthday) and still fairly regularly having messy accidents as well as wetting herself. She has been dry- in fact if she's taken to the loo every half hour/ 40 mn she comes home clean and dry. But she does not seem to have developed control over her bladder and will very frequently wait too long to be able to get to the loo in time for poos. She sometimes comes home from school with 3 pairs of wet/dirty pants.

She is at a steiner kindergarten and they are being amazing about it- they just clean her up and tell me it's a phase and she'll grow out of it. If she were in standard state school, I'd be getting calls to come and pick her up. In the first term of this academic year, they took her frequently off to the loo. Now they ask her and she says no, even if she's jigging around desperately needing to go. I'm just about at my wits' end with it.

We have tried everything. Bribery, charts, the lot. Nothing works. Please help.

The one other thing I could mention is that she has a Y shaped sacral cleft with only very shallow dimples- could this be having any influence on the toileting do you reckon?

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