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Trying to train 22 month old

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AlCookie Thu 30-Jan-14 16:54:37

hi dearies

i m training my 22 month old son. i am going on an all out approach with no diaper at all. not for naps n bedtime either. i have just started so i m not sure if it will work. some people have told me to just stop diapers all together and some say that staying dry while asleep is a different issue and can wait till later. i m not sure about leaving him all night without diaper. he sleeps well and i fear he will be restless if he wets himself.

what should i do??? also if i do leave him without diaper at night then any suggestion for what mattress protector to use for his cot? i dont want to wash it everyday...something like rubber on which i can put a heavy sheet and just remove n wash the sheet n maybe just wipe off the protector. i read about rubber not being breathable...but i m still inclined towards rubber...something does not make an odd sound either.....

kelda Thu 30-Jan-14 16:57:45

ALl of my children were potty trained by the age of two during the day, but the earliest any of them were potty trained at nighttime was age 3.

If he is still wetting his nappy at nighttime whilst asleep (as opposed to weeing when he wakes up), then I don't see much point in taking the nappy off him at night, unless you want loads of wet sheets.

I wouldn't use a rubber sheet either - that could make him hot and sweaty.

AlCookie Fri 31-Jan-14 01:16:22

I guess rubber sheets may not be the best....will rethink that n i guess letting him b in diapers at night is ok.

livingthegoodlife Wed 05-Feb-14 20:36:49

im also training my 22m old. im just leaving night time and nap training for now. he is no where near ready for that and i do feel like it is a seperate issue.

we have the waterproof sheets from Ikea, they are completely waterproof and have terry toweling on so are soft like a normal sheet. they don't rustle!!

how is it going during the daytime so far?

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