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Too early to use a potty/toilet?

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HabitualLurker Wed 29-Jan-14 20:58:37

Is this a stupid idea?

For the last few weeks my 16 month old has been announcing his poos. I'd say about 80% of the time he says 'pooo' repeatedly before producing one.

I'm not suggesting we start potty training properly, but would it be worth putting him on a potty/toilet when he says poo. Or is that a really foolish idea?

Flowerpup Wed 29-Jan-14 22:19:44

Yes definitely or you'll end up with a 3.3 yr old still in nappies like me writing a thread on it. I regret not pushing him earlier and now he's stubborn and has no interest. What a clever little man you have!

Naicecuppatea Wed 29-Jan-14 22:23:45

DD2 went to using the potty completely and then very quickly the toilet at 18 months, it was what she wanted to do and there were no accidents. Give it a try!

HabitualLurker Thu 30-Jan-14 09:16:48

We'll give it a go then. I'll be very shocked if it actually works though! It would be amazing if it did...

One other thing - potty, or straight onto the toilet?

vladthedisorganised Thu 30-Jan-14 09:29:56

Not too early at all - give it a go! I found the potty easier when DD was younger as there was less hassle lifting her on to it, but see what suits you both. Using the potty/toilet before a bath and bedtime became part of our routine and worked well, it meant when it came to potty training properly it wasn't a new thing IYSWIM.

livingthegoodlife Thu 06-Feb-14 20:59:19

we had the potty around for a couple of months before training, esp for poos as it was so obvious he was going! makes it a familiar thing.

i think pottys are easier because they are portable, i keep one in the lounge so when i hear "wee wee potty quick quick" we dont have far to go. we can transition to the toilet once he is more reliable.

other people have more success straight on the big toilet though. whatever works!

littlelionman Sun 09-Feb-14 07:48:38

Any update of how it's going OP? My 17 month old is announcing his poos too - I'd assumed we were about a year off buying a potty, but maybe we need one!

Mumof3xx Sun 09-Feb-14 07:49:49

If they are announcing it I would give it a go

changedirection Sun 09-Feb-14 07:52:42

Yes, go for it! Don't get rid of nappies yet, but starting to learn what the potty is for is great.

DD did most pops on potty from around 15 months

HabitualLurker Sun 09-Feb-14 15:38:59

That's fantastic changedirection

Thanks for the encouragement everyone.. but we haven't tried it yet.. blush

The poor kid is a it constipated I think, which may be why poos are such an event. Am feeling quite bad about that - think we need to try and sort that out.

But am still hoping to give this a chance.

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