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To train or not to train?

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EnigmaticBlonde Mon 27-Jan-14 09:40:56

Hello ladies and gents......advice gratefully received.

DS now 2yrs 9 months and during the summer I did the whole naked in the garden thing with the potty to get him used to it. no dramas, every poo on it and a good few wees. He even likes the adult toilet, with child seat. Great....thought after a few months ok, we are getting somewhere - started to push. Complete regression. Figured he's not ready, leave it a while.

Now feeling pressure from outside world (you know the FiFi Trixabelle was fully toilet trained by 3 weeks etc). I also know I'm being stupid, I never normally bend to any pressure (much like my son), but it does make you feel a bad parent. SO back to issue in hand - DH and I have been trying to push him and its not going well, he's like mummy - not for pushing. Its getting all involved stressed.

He knows when he's been and tells me.....but doesnt seem to be fully aware of wanting to go. He literally just came to me and said "sorry mummy I've done a weewee" and the poor dude was obviously soaked. He did however stop mid flow and say he wants to finish on the potty, which he did telling me he's a "good boy". I just leave him in nappies a bit longer and try again in warmer weather? Any great tips?


livingthegoodlife Wed 05-Feb-14 21:05:57

hmmm sounds like he does have good bladder control if he can stop mid wee, plus if he knows he should finish on the potty then he has nearly got the concept.

obviously its up to you, don't give into pressure but i think he is nearly there!

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