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Potty training and short legs - any good kit for smaller tots?

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Tadpoley Tue 10-Dec-13 13:19:46

Hello. Really appreciate any advice. We will be starting our 3rd attempt at training over Christmas, little boy just had his 3rd birthday. Wees are generally no problem, the issues comes with poos. In general he suffers a lot from constipation and/or diahorhhea (currently on movicol), and ends up in a lot of pain.

I think one thing that doesn't help with the potty is he has VERY short legs. I know the ideal for poos is knees higher than hips, and not sure how to manage that for him - potties and steps onto toilets always seem too high for him. Does anyone have any recommendations of a step or a potty for a shortie that keeps their feet nice and flat and their knees a bit higher?

Purplelooby Sun 23-Mar-14 21:48:51

Can I ask what you did? Having similar problems...

ScottishInSwitzerland Wed 26-Mar-14 19:30:38

Could you get a step or even a pile of books for him to put his feet on while sitting on the potty

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