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when will she start asking for the potty?

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spritesoright Thu 28-Nov-13 15:41:43

We started potty training about 3 weeks ago on the advice of the nursery. DD is 2.2. Initially they suggested we put her in pull ups but she has now progressed on to pants only since she was regularly using the potty.
At nursery they put her on the toilet every 30 minutes or so and I do the same. She will then wee on the potty but never seems to ask to use it. She stays dry all day but did soil herself twice this week (and only does this at nursery, not at home).
I'm now wondering at what point she will start asking for the potty or if we should stop putting her on it so that she has to ask? If we don't ask she just wets herself and is upset.
I'm worried I've gone about this all wrong. It's such a minefield. Thanks for your advice.

Sirzy Thu 28-Nov-13 15:45:37

Personally I think she is very young and if he is having to be taken to the toilet and isn't hinting at being ready to ask to go herself then perhaps she isn't ready to potty train yet.

If you want to carry on I would stop putting her on the potty and just ask her regulary if she needs it to hopefully get her thinking about it more rather than just expecting it to happen

spritesoright Thu 28-Nov-13 16:09:02

I was afraid you were going to say that. But now we've started I am reluctant to go back and she is doing well keeping dry and seems very proud of herself when she does a wee on the potty.

Maybe I'll stop asking her this weekend and see what happens...

Did anyone else progress from just being put on the potty to asking for it?

MaisOuiMaisOui Sat 30-Nov-13 23:01:17

I would say she is a bit young too. But can understand you not wanting to go backwards!

Both of my 2 DCs potty trained really quickly at 28 and 29 months old. But everyone is different. I just found that before that age they understood what you wanted them to do but couldn't isolate the sensation of needing a poo or wee.

At 28/29 months within a week or so of starting potty training my 2 would tell me when they needed a wee, which makes life so much easier.

Taking your DD every 30 mins seems a bit too frequent. I would watch watch she is drinking and take her less frequently as they soon get fed up with being sat on the potty too often.

There is definitely an element of them needing to have accidents so they get to learn what having a full bladder feels like so do try taking her less often. You may find like I did that she does a tiny bit of wee in her pants, feels what is happening and stops weeing and will then say she needs a wee. That's how it happened for us.

Good luck! It will happen don't worry. I can so clearly remember thinking DS would never ask to go and I would be taking him every 90mins until he was 5! but one day it just clicked and he told me he needed a wee. He never looked back or had an accident again. Amazing.

spritesoright Sun 01-Dec-13 19:29:53

Thanks maisoui. On Sirzy's advice I have been leaving it longer (I think she was getting annoyed about being constantly put on the potty).

She asked twice today and successfully did a wee thereafter so I was thrilled (and will ignore the massive poo in her pants with no warning),

So at least things are improving and I'm going to stick it out. I do regret bowing to pressure and attempting to train her earlier than I thought she was ready. But hey ho, it's going.

It does help to realise that she just has a physiological difficulty predicting it rather than thinking she's just potty training.

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