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we were ok but now having poo and wee accidents a couple of times a day.

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milkyjo Tue 19-Nov-13 14:10:06

I don't know where to start. Ds was using potty at home and toilet when out. We got to the point when we no longer needed to take the porta potty out with us. We started training about 3 months after dd was born and it took him about 2 weeks to do all poos and wees on the potty, he was 2.6. Now he's just about to turn 3 and for the past 2 months we've had an accident every day. It's got so bad that he's now just doing all his pooing in his pants. He says he needs to go, even sits on the toilet but doesn't go then literally 20 seconds later he tells me he's pooed in his pants. We started off having choc buttons for successful wees and poos and then just poos and then stickers and then just praise. We have gone back to the choc buttons. Today he told me it's all his fault (I have never said this to him). He's always quiet and forlorn when he's had an accident. It's as if he is just being lazy and won't use the potty or toilet. Also he's really holding onto his wee. Yesterday he had a wee first thing, then one at 9am then nothing until 4pm. He drinks a normal amount, 2-3 cups of squash or water a day. He is completely dry at night, just one accident since we started. I really am at a loss! Any advice please would really help.

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