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Are these signs we are starting DS too early?

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Filimou Mon 18-Nov-13 14:04:25

OK so I know we are only 3 days in (DS at nursery today), but DS has been fascinated by the toilet since starting nursery in May (they have little toilets).
For the past week he has been wanting to sit on the toilet at nursery and has had a couple of wee's on there, eg last week he said he had had a wee but there was nothing in his nappy so they asked if he wanted to sit on the toilet, he said yes and had a wee. He als lets us know when he has a poo or a wee now, so, we thought we would try potty training at the weekend (DS is 2.10).
We put him in pants and soft pull up pul down trousers and take him to the toilet about every 20 to 30 mins. He hasnt had a wee on the toilet yet at home but will just wee around the house between toilet visits, he then comes to tell us he has had a wee.
Are we starting too early, I really dont want to rush him, but I thought he may be ready......

fumanchu Fri 22-Nov-13 15:21:19

He is interested but until he recognises the sensation of needing the toilet before anything happens he is not ready for potty training. He also needs to be able to cope with pulling down clothes. Being taken by you to the toilet doesn't really count imo - he has to recognise the signals himself.

spritesoright Tue 03-Dec-13 11:22:30

But he hasn't had a chance to learn to recognise the sensation of needing a wee if he's been in nappies... And it's only a few days in. We started with putting DD on the potty every 30 minutes and she has now started asking herself.
I think it's worth sticking it out a bit longer. If he recognises when he's done something and is asking for the potty even intermittently those seem to be good signs that he's ready.

gimcrack Thu 05-Dec-13 21:14:40

Let him be naked from the waist down. Leave the potty out and he can use it when he wants. You'll have one or two mishaps, but he will get it pretty quickly.

babybouncer Sun 22-Dec-13 08:55:38

Give it a week. If there are improvements, keep going. If he still doesn't get it at all, leave it a month and try again.

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