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Is this "normal" at bedtime?

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lizzywig Sun 17-Nov-13 20:02:29

We started potty training DD (2yo) yesterday. We tried in the summer with some success but stopped because she didn't seem quite ready. The last few weeks she's given us all the signs (taking nappy off, telling us she needs a wee etc) but due to lots of long journeys/illness (hers and ours) we've only just started.

She's been doing really well. No accidents, taking herself off to the potty, telling us when she needs to go, telling us what she's done/going to do. Last night at bedtime she got quite upset at the prospect of going to bed with a pull up on so we explained that in was just in case she didn't wake up in time to do a wee. She accepted it and went to sleep. In the morning she had a totally dry nappy and then went and did a giant wee in her potty. Tonight it took an hour to get her to calm down because she was so devestated about wearing a pull up. We kept putting her on the potty and she did several wees but we were very concerned that despite our reassurances about her being a big girl and why she needs to wear a pull up at bedtime, that we were doing it all wrong. She was so upset and never gets upset at bedtime.

It's obviously a lot to get her head around but how can we reassure her? I'm very contious that you should wait to night train until they're totally dry in the day and don't have wet nappies at night and it has only been two days! I just don't want to create any problems or bad associations. She's always been an all or nothing girl and does tend to do everything at once (gets her impatience from me). Even if we tried night training now i don't know if it would work as she seemed equally upset about leaving the potty behind.


bundaberg Sun 17-Nov-13 20:16:08

if she is dry again in the morning i would stop with the pull ups tbh

PipCarrier Sun 05-Jan-14 20:35:27

My 3.5 year old son sounds the same as your DD - very much an all or nothing personality and insisted on doing it all at once. Now 4.5 and has never wet the bed and had no daytime accidents after 3 days. Go with your instinct, trust your child's instinct and ditch the pull ups smile

TheBakeryQueen Fri 10-Jan-14 10:40:01

Yes ditch the pull ups! Just make sure there is a waterproof mattress protector under her sheet.

It is in the minority but some children do become dry at night as soon as they are dry during the day.

It sounds like she is doing brilliantly, clever girl smile

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