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Dd 2 - haven't a clue how to start potty training

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MrsNormanBates Sun 10-Nov-13 05:55:32

So do I just out her in normal pants , no nappy during the day and tell her to ask for the potty? Or do I out her in pull ups?

Do I take her to the potty every half an hour? That's what nursery said they do.

LoopaDaLoopa Sun 10-Nov-13 06:04:06

Depends. We tried all of that first time round, and older DD just wasn't ready. She decided (the weekend we emigrated) she was ready at just turned 3, no fuss.

Little DD decided herself at 2. No methods or anything needed. confused

gimcrack Fri 15-Nov-13 22:04:06

Depends on her age and how ready she is. I've got two boys, and I'm repeating what I did with the first. Get him to stand and wee in the bath. Then when he can do it on command, get him to wee in the potty. Stick him on the potty after meals and give him a sticker when he poos. Let him run about with no bottoms on, and he wees and poos in the potty.

I'm at the latter stage and still using nappies when we go out. He's continent in the home, but not yet two and a half. So I will give it a while, see how it goes, then put him in pants when I go out.

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