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Massive potty regression - I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOO!!!

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ellesabe Sat 09-Nov-13 10:44:24

Dd is 2.11 and has been dry during the day for about 3 months and successfully pooing in the toilet for 1 month.

The other day, dh took her to the toilet and her wee spurted out the front and all over dh/the floor.
Dh obviously did the really mature thing by completely freaking out - leapt up saying "Urgh urgh urgh!", ran out of the room refusing to clean it up while dd sat there crying on the toilet angry

Dd is now refusing to do a wee. She held it in all day yesterday until 5pm. Whenever I insisted she sat on the toilet (because I could see she needed it) she cried, said she didn't want to do a wee and asked to get down. Then at 5pm she did a massive wee on the loo and also wet herself 30 mins later.

I'm trying not to be annoyed at her as I know it's not her fault but it's just so frustrating as she has previously been so good at it.

I'm also trying not to be too annoyed at dh because he does realise now that his reaction was wrong and there's nothing I can really do about it now.

I just don't know how to move forward from here. Do I just let her hold it in until she wets herself and hope she soon re-learns to go on the toilet?

She starts nursery in 2 months and they require her to be able to take herself to the toilet.

I can't believe I'm having to worry about this all over again sad

ATouchNervous Sun 10-Nov-13 08:31:00

We are had a similar regression and we decided the most important thing was to not make it an 'issue' so we just went back to nappies for a month until the trauma was mostly forgotten.

I have a friend whose DD developed toilet anxiety in similar situation and even in year 1 at school she tries to hold it in and not go, giving herself uti's and having accidents. Her advice to me was to avoid a stressed, anxiety reaction to the toilet at all costs.

After a month in nappies we did the whole 'you're a big girl now, you don't need nappies' thing along with a sticker reward chart. Because she had previously been dry and pretty reliable she went back to being fully trained in about 3 days, it was really easy.

I know you don't have long before nursery starts but maybe give it a try?

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