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help I'm out of idea's

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NatalieBS Mon 04-Nov-13 17:45:47

Hi there I have a 3year 4 month old boy and I have been really trying hard to potty training him . He shows no sign of ever wanting to get out of nappies .but he know when he's needs a poo as he's says go hiding mummy go away so I think he's ready? So I've tried the reward chart, good old fashioned bribery with chocolate buttons if he goes on it, I tried him on the toilet and dosen't like that, I've got so many different types but wouldn't use any of them. I've had so much advice from family and friends and I can't seem to do anything right some people say wait don't push him as I may push him back but if I don't try my mother in law says I'm lazy and not trying. I can get him some times to sit on it but as soon as he get off he wets him self but if try to sit him on it when he says go hiding he sceams the place down I keep on encourage him the pre school ask if he needs the potty or toilet and he says no I'm at the end of my tether and completely lost . He going to be 30 and still in nappies!

newmumof2at42 Mon 04-Nov-13 21:38:25

I have just started a thread on my ds. I started him when he was 3 and 1 week. Peed like a dog on the floor and put nappy back on. 1 week later he said nappy off and did it on the toilet. Hated the potty. But still no poos on the toilet. NEVER did a poo on the potty and def did not do 1 in the toilet from beginning to end. Do not know what I did wrong. But my niece did the same thing. She is now cured. She is just 4 and doing everything where it should be. Bed training was easy. Just lifted him for 1 week during night to pee and has never had an accident.

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