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Potty training

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Eljaybee Sun 03-Nov-13 23:45:20

My little boy will be 3 in January. He's very bright, happy and loving.....there's just this issue with potty training. He is just not getting the hang of it. Any ideas gladly welcome :-)

Antidote Mon 04-Nov-13 22:29:57

Just relax. DS didn't do pretty training till he was 2 and 10 months, and then got it instantly for wees. He still poos in a nappy now but that will come with time.

Blueuggboots Tue 03-Dec-13 06:04:01

My son will be 3 in February.
We've bought him a book called "pirate Pete's potty" which has helped him show an interest but he's still wearing nappies.
He tells me (most of the time) that he's going for a poo and usually goes off on his own and says "GO" if you go near him.
He's sat on the potty a handful of times for a few minutes.
I'm really not stressing about it.

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