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Problem with Poo!

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scotstark14 Sun 03-Nov-13 21:59:13

My daughter is 2.10 and has done well so far until now with potty training. We have peeing down (not including the occasional accident). Our problem is that we cannot get her to stop hiding to poo her pants. She will occasionally manage to do one in the potty/toilet, although this is usually after continuous questioning.

There has been times she has done a pee in the potty then minutes later done a poo in her pants. She knows to say as soon as its happened so she can be changed, but just cant seem to get her to stop pooing her pants!


slowcooker Wed 06-Nov-13 12:46:47

I'm copying and pasting what I've already written in another thread right below. We're looking for the answer as on the same boat!!

^I came to find some help so I can't help you really.

My DD is 31 months; about 6 weeks ago decided she will stop wearing nappies on her own accord. Honestly one morning she refused to wear a nappy after I changed her and thankfully I had all the necessary stuff: pants, potties and seat for toilet so I started the potty training that very day. She cracked it all pretty soon only to then stop going to the potty/toilet for a poo sad She's been doing it in her pants. She goes to nursery a few days a week and I don't know if this had to to anything with her regression.^

slowcooker Wed 06-Nov-13 12:59:53

I found something on another thread and will try it search: Poo goes to Pooland if the link does not work.

Good luck to you, too

BananaPie Sat 09-Nov-13 03:42:01

We had this problem for a bit. Bribery worked - a chocolate button for a poo on the loo.

ChicCaroline73 Wed 13-Nov-13 13:33:08

Hello and help!

I potty trained my 2 and half year old in a day and a half, she got weeing easily. However nearly 3-months on she still holds onto her poo. Myself and the nursery she attends both think it is a psychological and not dietry related issue.

My daughter seems to think that it hurts when it comes out - it doesn't - it hurts when she keeps it in... for 3 days.

She tends to poo daily for 2 days and then hold it in for 3 days.

It is effecting her personality, causing her physical discomfort and effects how much she eats.

Anyone with any tips at all? Please? Thank you.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Wed 13-Nov-13 13:35:33

Bribery/reward - works every time (though you have to get the reward right).

TheFantasticFixit Wed 13-Nov-13 13:38:33

Watching with interest - we have a DD who is 2 who holds her poo in. She appears to just absolutely hate the sensation of it leaving her body, if that makes sense. Her poo is a good colour and consistency (blush) and she has a small cup of prune juice a day to prevent constipation, which works. So we are definitely thinking psychological as well!

ChicCaroline73 Wed 13-Nov-13 13:50:47

We have tried bribery and it sometimes works - usually chocolate based, or sitting on the toilet with a dummy. We always give her lots of praise after a success.

In the past if she has had a poo accident we tried the Gina Ford method of saying 'nevermind' next time do it in the potty but no success so I tried the Jo Frost method of not saying nevermind as it is not ok, and told her gently that I expect poos to go in the potty/toilet. Neither seem to make much difference.

At the moment she will go at nursery, she even says poo at nursery not at home (!). At home she likes to poo in the bath, which is preferable to her not doing them for 3 days. She seems to prefer pooing standing up/small squat and is better on the toilet then potty.

I total understand the comment of 'not liking the sensation' of pooing, I think this is what she has built up in her head

I have tried syrup of figs and lactose but she still manages to hold it in for 3-days!

I will try stepping-up/changing the bribery.

Thanks ladies

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