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How to teach almost 3yo DS to wipe after poos? advice please!

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SquidgyMummy Thu 10-Oct-13 13:48:29

When he is with me, I will do it for him. However, he is at Maternelle in France (sort of infant school), and they were expected to be potty trained by the time they started in September. He is fine with wees now, but he only does mornings and tended to poo in the afternoon at home.

As the school is small, they are ok with changing clothes (he has a spare set of pants and trousers in his bag). However they are not allowed to touch the children, so he is not properly wiped.

Today DS came home in his spare trousers, and there was quite a mess in his soiled pants, so i thought i had better check his bottom and it was caked in shit, in between the cheeks. (sorry if TMI). He was not that bothered and it didn't look sore so i don't think it had been like that for long.

The poo question has not really raised it's head at maternelle. The TA said they quite often come home with poo-ey pants. (I expect a few skids but not as much as DS had.)

So i was told i can send some baby wipes with him. Do you think I should get some Kan-doo wipes for him.
how do i teach him to actually wipe properly?

At home his poos ar fairly solid "log like" so there is not too much mess. (I have been known to find the odd log lying around the garden!!)

tatyr Fri 01-Nov-13 14:58:50

If your aim is for him to be independent with this, he needs to practice at home too, which means stopping doing it for him!

I went for the approach of breaking it down into stages for my DD. " take a few squares of tissue, fold it up, and wipe, Do it again, check if the tissue is clean, if not, do it again...."
Don't be shy about explaining what they need to do how to do it better, how are they going to learn otherwise?
If it's easier for him to use wipes, then let him for that, and if you want to do the final check/wipe yourself, then do.

Then washing hands etc.

gimcrack Fri 15-Nov-13 22:09:11

Stand over him while he does it and tell him. X amount of sheets, wipe and check. Repeat.

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