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22.5 this the right time to start?

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SheldorAFK Sat 28-Sep-13 22:29:04

Dd is almost 2 - will tell me when she's done a poo, and wants to be changed immediately. Lately she as asked for "toilet". I've tried taking nappy off and telling her to ask for th potty if she needs to go, but she usually wees and surprises herself which makes me think she doesn't have bladder control yet?

I should add I have a newborn ds as well,,so have been reluctant to potty train just yet as life is hectic enough...doesn't sound like dd is ready?

christinarossetti Sat 28-Sep-13 22:38:11

Well, you could try leaving her nappy off and seeing how she does, although it sounds like she can't identify the sensation of needing to go rather as opposed to having been, which makes me think you're probably right about her not being ready.

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