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2.4yo DS did a poop and a pee in the potty!

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JollySleepyGiant Thu 26-Sep-13 09:28:42

After his shower this morning I thought he looked like he needed too pee so asked him to sit on the potty. He sat there a while and we chatted. It swiftly became apparent that he needed to poop. So after some encouragement he did it!

I gave him loads of praise and he got a sticker for being so clever. We've also called granny and Granda to tell them.

Now what?! We don't even have any pants in the house!! And all DS's vests have poppers. I'm on maternity leave with 5 week old DD so we can be home a lot at the moment. DS was a little unsettled at bedtime following DD's birth but has been great for the past 2 weeks and has adjusted very well to having a sibling so that shouldn't be too much of a confounding factor.

1. Buy pants and vests
2. A sticker chart?
3. Go for it??!

We have two potties, two steps and two seats that go on the toilet .

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