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no poo poo in potty

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yorkshiremumy Tue 24-Sep-13 19:39:32

Ok, my son is 2 years old but fairly clued up with toilet training, he doesn't have accidents with wee wee at all when his nappy is off, and has finally hit the stage where he does a full wee wee not just those little an often things, which I have to admit I am pretty impressed with considering I haven't actually potty trained him seriously (that I am aware of plenty say I have but I didn't notice) but he WILL NOT do a poo in the potty or on the toilet, he pulls his nappy off and refuses to do it there but if the nappy is already off he wont do it and if I ask him to do it on the potty he freaks out and normally throws the potty out. my mum says the best way to do it is to pick up any poo poos he does on the floor and put them in the potty and get him to flush it down the toilet but he gets runny poo a lot due to an eating issue and I cant risk constant slushy poos cos I cant pick those up and just flush it, I also don't want to just force him into doing in the potty if I can help it. I know he will get it very fast once he starts doing it and I am pretty confident in saying once I have a winning method he will be dry through the day within a few months (he still refuses the potty at other peoples houses) any advice would be much appreciated

kittykatsforever Wed 25-Sep-13 11:18:12

My dd is 2 and we've just potty trained her, she was very similar and refused to do a poo on the potty first but we knew once shed done once and seen it was ok would do it again, we bought her a chocolate rabbit from thorn tons and called it the poo poo bunny that she would get for her first poo and left it on the side so she could see it a few days later she did it ( after asking for it quite alot and seeing she wasn't going to get it otherwise!) also when we had her pant less and could tell she was doing it, just starting we carried her really quickly to it so it went in the potty, does he have a time he usually goes or a place? I think it's usually fear of the unknown but your mum is right aswel, my dd loves putting it in the toilet and flushing and using a little step to wash her hands

kittykatsforever Wed 25-Sep-13 11:19:40

Oh and on the other peoples house dd will but only in the bathroom with me and we take her potty with us

yorkshiremumy Tue 08-Oct-13 10:22:48

thanks, he does normally try and just hide from people when he's doing a poo like goes under the table or hides behind a door but yeah I think you're right it may have to be a bit of trickery to get him to do it on the potty, hes started just holding it in and getting constipated cos he doesn't like doing it in his nappy anymore.

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