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Night time pull ups

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CbeebiesIsMyLife Mon 23-Sep-13 12:55:56

Month not week! She turns 3 next month.

CbeebiesIsMyLife Mon 23-Sep-13 12:55:29

Dd turns 3 next week. She's potty trained during the day other than the odd accident (maybe once a month). And a hiccup with a uti.

She wears pull ups to bed and is usually dry when she wakes up. However between waking up and getti dressed (despite me telling her to use the potty) she wees in her pull ups, it doesn't bother her and she's quite happy to continue using pull-ups. I'm thinking of taking them away. Putting her in pants and using a mattress protector. I know we'll have the odd accident, but she won't listen when I tell her she needs to use the toilet and not the pull-ups. She's a very cheeky little one and just says pull-ups are nappies and you can wee in nappies. And she's right!

Would it be cruel to take away the pull-ups knowing she will wet the bed sometimes? She just doesn't even attempt to use the toilet when she's wearing them

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