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to persevere or not to persevere that is the question?!!

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purpleflowerlove Sat 21-Sep-13 16:41:09

DS is 3 in a couple of weeks. He has been daytime nappy-less for last 2 days and we have had all accidents and no 'positives' in the toilet. After initial crying/ almost convulsions when encouraged to sit on the toilet (with child seat), we have now managed to convince him to sit on with bribery of Peppa pig episodes played whilst sitting and choc button reward afterwards (tried potty previously to no avail).

When he has had all the accidents in house he has come and said, so is aware, but still isn't recognising before hand / can't seem to 'squeeze a wee out' if you know what I mean (despite up to 30 mins on toilet at times has then had a wee in joggers 10 mins afterwards). He also seems to be confused at times re when he has pooed / weed.

Was planning on seeing how next 2 days go and then reviewing, but conscious with his age that a bit of effort to try and encourage this may be required but don't want to push if not ready either. Suggestions please.... x

with my 2 oldest, i just let them run around bare, and got them to sit on the potty for 5 mins every 20 mins or so for the first few days - you will eventually catch a wee and can then give loads and loads of praise chocolate buttons etc, you can also roughly work out how often/when they wee so can get them to sit on the potty every hour/after a drink etc.

having said all that DS3 is 3 and flatly refuses to wee on a potty or toilet - he tells me he needs a wee and runs off to the other side of the room to wee on the carpet if he is nappyless! so yours may not be ready just yet...

ellesabe Sun 22-Sep-13 19:24:53

I was in exactly the same situation with dd 3 months ago. We gave up and tried again last week. We were so much better prepared the second time around and she was dry by day 3. With a lot of bribery rewards!

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