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protective lining for pants?

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matana Fri 20-Sep-13 09:40:29

Ds is about ready for potty training finally and I want to move straight to pants. I think he will get weeing in a potty pretty quickly as he's already had a number of successes when he's had time without his nappy on. But his poos are frequently quite soft and messy and not at all predictable. Is there such a thing as protective lining for pants so that he still knows if he's wet but will protect them from poo? I just have a feeling he's going to struggle most with having a poo on the potty. Any advice please?

Antidote Fri 20-Sep-13 12:30:41

You can get toddler pant liners (I've seen them in our local Tesco).

For what it's worth I regret going down the pull-ups and other fancy things route with DS. I think a few poo accidents and he would have just got it much quicker.We now have a situation where he's completely fine with wees (after months of negotiating the change from pull ups to pants) but now demands a nappy for his poos (usually done at night)

ellesabe Fri 20-Sep-13 22:28:57

OP my dd's poos sound similar to your ds's.
We started potty training 11 days ago and she has been dry since day 3 but still pooing in her knickers every day.

Like you, I was worried about the mess but tbh it's not nearly as difficult to clean up as I thought it would be. Slip them off, chuck in the bin and wipe her bum. Still nicer than changing a dirty nappy IMO.

ellesabe Fri 20-Sep-13 22:32:18

Just read that back and realise that 'nicer' was perhaps BOF the best choice of word! grin

I wouldn't bother with pant liners though if I were you OP, just arm yourself with hundreds of cheap pants!

ellesabe Fri 20-Sep-13 22:32:57

* not the best choice of word...

pizzaqueen Sat 21-Sep-13 12:40:49

just buy cheap pants and bin pooey ones. Even a liner wont catch it all and to bin the lot is easier than attempting to clean them.

matana Sat 21-Sep-13 14:17:44

Hmmmm.... thing is he can poo up to 4 times a day and consistently does 3 a day.... even with cheap pants that'll cost a fortune! I suspect you're right though. Really anxious actually as I work ft and just don't have the holiday left to devote more than 3 days to at least getting him started. I know he won't be potty trained in that time, but might he be heading in the right direction at least? Bil has already made me feel like a failure for being unable to devote more time to it.

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